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Financial Counse​lling Services

Patients with difficulties affording their medical bills can make an appointment to see our Financial Counsellors for assistance. 

If you are a Singaporean who requires financial assistance, our Financial Counsellors will be able to check whether you qualify for the following schemes: 


Medication Assistance Fund (MAF)​

This scheme helps patients who face difficulty affording the costs of selected high-cost medications for certain medical conditions. The MAF can assist with up to 75% of the costs of approved drugs. 



For patients who need help to pay medical bills even after receiving government subsidies and using other payment assistance options e.g. MediSave, Child Development Account (CDA), etc. The amount of help from MediFund depends on your financial situation and charges incurred. 

 To book an appointment with our Financial Counsellor, you may: 

  1. Approach our staff at the counter 
  2. Call 6355 3000 
  3. Book via HealthHub 

Please bring along the following documents on the day of your appointment: 

  1. NRIC / Birth Certificate of Patient, Spouse, Children and/or Parents 
  2. Latest Payslip / CPF Statement of Patients, Spouse, Children and/or Parents 
  3. Updated Bank Account Passbook / Statement of Patient and Spouse. 
  4. Retrenchment / Termination Letter OR Unfit for Work Memo 
  5. Proof of Payment of Expenses / Rent / Arrears / Loans 

​You may download our FC appointment letter for more details.  


To learn more about MediSave and Child Development Account (CDA), please download our e-brochures that are available in two different languages:

For more Medisave matters, please click here.

For details about various healthcare financing schemes and subsidies available in Singapore, please visit MOH Healthcare Schemes & Subsidies.