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1. Documents required

If you wish to request for your medical information, please fill in and submit patient's Consent for Release of Medical Information to allow the Polyclinic to release medical information for a stated purpose.

Please prepare the following documents:

  1. Consent for Release of Medical Information
  2. A copy of the patient's NRIC / Identification documents
  3. Payment for the information required. Please see "Services & Payment" section below for more details.
Request for medical report will only be processed upon receipt of complete set of your documents, including consent form, identification documents and the appropriate payment amount.


  • Patients below 21 years of age: Parental consent is required for patients below 21 years of age.
  • Patients who are unable to give consent or are deceased: To request for medical information of patients who are unable to give consent or are deceased, consent from the appointed representative of the estate is required. Where applicable, the "Consent for Release of Medical Information by All Children / Siblings" must be filled up. A copy of the death certificate and other supporting documents, e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate and letters of administration, are required as proof of the representative's relationship to the patient.

2. Procedure

Patients: Please bring all required documents, including the Consent for Release of Medical Information form and identification documents, to the Polyclinic and enquire at the registration counter.

Interested Third Parties: Please write in to NHGP together with the patient's completed consent form (Consent for Release of Medical Information). This also applies to employers who are requesting for the medical reports of foreign workers who have already left the country.

3. Services & Payment

Services Available

Price (Including 8% GST)

 Medical Report 

 This is a factual report of the patient's medical condition. A doctor will write the medical report based on patient's medical information available. (Insurance form or type-written report) 


Duplicates/Memo with Endorsement 

 This is either a reprint of documents with signatory or a simple memo with signatory. 



  • Cheque payments are required for requests via mail. 
  • Cheque is to be crossed and made payable to "National Healthcare Group Polyclinics" 


4. How long does it take?  

As a general guide, the time frame for completion of medical reports (from approval date) is about 3 weeks

It may take longer due to the following:  

  • Patient has upcoming clinic appointments 
  • ​Patient has been hospitalised 
  • Multiple reports are required from several clinical departments 
  • Doctor is away


5. How do I receive it?

Patients will be able to request for the medical report to be: 

  • Mailed to them via Courier (additional S$6.91 applies) – Mailing address to be provided on the application form. 
  • Emailed to them - Email address to be provided on the application form. 
  • Collected personally at the respective Polyclinics – the patient's contact number is to be provided on the application form. Patient will be contacted once the report is ready for collection. 
  • If a third party is collecting the report for you, please fill up the Proxy Authorisation Letter