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  1. ​​​​Why is the Online Appointment System no longer available after 31 December 2020?

  2. In support of the national initiative by the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board, making of online appointment can only be done via Healthhub and the Online Appointment System will no longer be available after 31 December 2020.

    Self-service of appointment booking, rescheduling and cancellation is available via HealthHub website​ or the HealthHub mobile application (downloadable from Apple store or Google Play-store).​

    Please refer to the quick guide for booking of appointment.​

  3. ​What is Healthhub?​​

  4. HealthHub is a one-stop national online portal to access a wide range of health content and e-services in public healthcare at your convenience. HealthHub is a service open to all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents aged 21 years old and above.

    You will be required to sign-in using your valid SingPass. Please find out more about SingPass at

  5. What are the additional features available on Healthhub?

  6. Upon sign-in using your valid SingPass, you will be able to access a range of medical information (e.g. appointments, medication) and key health records (e.g. immunisations, laboratory test results).​

  7. ​I have never visited a NHG Polyclinic before, how do I make an online appointment?

  8. If you are new to NHG Polyclinics, please call our Contact Centre at 6355 3000. After having your key information registered in our system, you can make online booking of appointments or reschedule/cancel your existing appointment.

  9. ​I am a regular patient of NHG Polyclinics. Can I make my follow-up chronic and/or lab test appointment online?

  10. Online booking is for same day appointment meant primarily for acute conditions like cough, cold, flu, fever.

    You are strongly encouraged to obtain your next chronic consultation and/or other required appointment(s), as ordered by the doctor, at our self-service kiosk right after making your bill payment during your regular visit.

    Thereafter you will be able to reschedule or cancel your follow-up appointments, should you choose to do so.

  11. How can my elderly parent who does not own a smartphone or does not have a SingPass book an appointment?

  12. Your parents would need to apply for their SingPass account. With that, you can assist them to grant you and/or your sibling access as their caregiver to manage on their behalf (Go to MyHealth’s Grant Access to Your Health Records in HealthHub). Please see FAQ 7 below for step-by-step guide.

    Upon successful completion, HealthHub will send the nominated caregiver(s) an email notification within 7 working days. Thereafter, you and/or assigned caregiver(s) can add their profile to the Family & Friends’ section in MyHealth page, and be able to view and manage their records immediately.

    Alternatively, your parents may call our Contact Centre at 6355 3000 to book, reschedule or cancel their appointment.

  13. If my child is below 21 years old, can I book an online appointment on my child’s behalf?

  14. With their SingPass account, parents can add their children who are below 21 years old under Children's Health (Dependents). Thereafter, parents will be able to access their records and book appointments on their behalf.

  15. Can I view my family member’s appointment(s) using my SingPass? ​

  16. Yes, once your family member has granted consent on HealthHub.

    For more HealthHub related information, you may visit the website at