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Our Mission

To be a one-stop, regional primary care training centre for primary healthcare professionals and the community

Our Vision

To be accredited regional centre synonymous with quality primary care training


Head of Department Message

Since our inception in 2008, the Primary Care Academy (PCA) has delivered training to thousands of healthcare professionals and ancillary staff across the primary and community care sectors, as well as reached out to many others through community outreach, health education and various training courses for members of the public. We have also partnered many training agencies and specialty trainers from across a wide spectrum of clinical and non-clinical domains to bring the best and the most necessary of knowledge and skills to both our staff and non-staff participants alike. Under the stewardship of our founding Director, A/Prof Chong Phui-Nah, and others after her, PCA has been able to build itself a reputation as a one-stop primary care training centre that is able to provide good quality training and accreditation to healthcare professionals and the community. Today, we have established partnerships with various community, professional and academic partners to continue supporting the myriad of skills needs in our rapidly evolving healthcare system.

It has been fortuitous that, before the COVID-19 pandemic took root in early 2020, PCA had started to explore opportunities and technologies to support blended learning through multimedia engagement. This came in handy when the pandemic compelled us to minimise, or even avoid completely, non-essential face to face interaction. Within months, our team of trainers and administrators pivoted training programmes to online delivery, using a range of technological tools, refining curricula to better suit distance learning, deriving novel ways to complete evaluation and performing competency assessment through proxies and with the help of technology such as video recording and online conferencing. Today, even as life reverts towards pre-pandemic norms, with most restrictions having been lifted and the returning of face-to-face training, many of these investments in time, effort and technological knowledge continue to reap benefits of scale, accessibility and value for both learners and trainers alike. Kudos to the team at PCA for rising to the epic challenge of our generation and riding the waves of change with laudable candour and ease!

​Today, healthcare in Singapore is preparing to undergo yet another fun​damental shift in policy and practice. One of the principle goals of the Healthier SG reform is to move the focus away from healthcare to health, from strengthening the institutions to empowering the people. In order to do so effectively, support for primary and preventive care, with a focus on population health management, are essential. This requires a paradigm shift in the way we approach health issues, whether as providers or as recipients. As such, PCA is once again challenged to respond to the changing needs of both the professionals and the public in knowledge of health and healthcare. Having been fortified by the richness of experience over our past 15 years and invested by a capable and ever innovative team, PCA will continue to strive for relevance and value in delivery for our times.

We will continue to be here for you and journey alongside you, together for a Healthier SG!​

Dr Irwin Clement Alphonsus Wai Hoong Chung
Family Physician, Associate Consultant ​​
​Director, Primary Care Academy
​Head-Designate, Sembawang Polyclinic

Trainers and Administrative Staff

Dr Irwin Clement Alphon Chung Wai Hoong

Director, Primary Care Academy

Dr Predeebha d/o P N Kannan

Deputy Director, Primary Care Academy

Ms Elaine Voo

Deputy Director, Primary Care Academy

Dr Eugene Chua

Family Physician

Associate Consultant,Hougang Polyclinic

Dr Ian Koh

Family Physician

Associate Consultant,Toa Payoh Polyclinic

Mr Won Tin Chiang

Principal Dietitian, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

Sr Angeline Yeo

Training Consultant,Primary Care Academy

Ms Rebecca Oh

Training Consultant,Primary Care Academy

Ms Yeoh Hui Ling

Assistant Manager,Primary Care Academy

Ms Rafika Ramli

Training Consultant,Primary Care Academy

Ms Soh Ying Hua

Senior Executive,Health Promotion & Preventive Care

Ms Erice Michelle Kayne Justo

Assistant Manager,Primary Care Academy

Ms Carolyn Chan Ching Ching

Executive, Primary Care Academy

Ms Su Li Wey

Executive, Primary Care Academy

Ms Christine Chaw Mei Ling

Senior Executive Assistant, Primary Care Academy

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Supporters & Collaborators

MOH Holdings Pte LtdRaffles Medical Group Ltd
NHG Group EducationCentral-North Primary Care Network Pte Ltd
Diabetes SingaporeAssurance PCN Pte Ltd
Kwong Wai Shiu HospitalFrontier PCN Pte Ltd
Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pte LtdTsao Foundation
Class PCN Pte Ltd

Awards and Achievements

Well Children in Primary Care
Health and Wellness Coaching Workshop
Holistic Care for the Older Persons (H.O.P.E) lunchtime webinars
Living Well into the Golden Years - Maintaining Vitality through Nutrition & Exercise
Fitness & Frailty Workshop for Society for Physically Disabled (SPD) Day Care Seniors
Minimum Assistance Transfer
Safety Awareness Webinars 2022
Signing of Master Collaboration Agreement (MCA) between NHGP and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) on 22 January 2021 to train undergraduates in health and wellness coaching.
Frailty Management Workshop for the Community
Abstract Writing Workshop
The Covid-19 infection control seminar
Diabetes Mellitus Risk Management Webinar Series
PCA received the ‘Positive Ageing Advocator’ awarded by The Council of Third Age (C3A).
Basic Cardiac Life Support Automated External Defibrillation Instructor Training Centre and Basic Cardiac Life Support Automated External Defibrillation Training Centre Re-accreditation
First Aid & Life Support Workshops For Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) Volunteers
Designing Questionnaires Workshop
Frailty Management workshop for Health Care Professionals
Nursing Management of Dementia in Primary Care
Health Literacy - Rolling out the Red CARPET to Engage Patients
Foot Surveillance
Childhood Developmental Screening
Data Analytics and Essentials
Safety Awareness on Powered Mobility
Advanced Course in Women's Health
Healthcare Languaging - Navigating Healthcare for Frontliners
Healthcare Languaging - Understanding Health for Frontliners
Nurse Initiated Bronchodilator Therapy
Childhood Immunization For Registered Nurse
Foundation Course On Vaccination & Traveler’s Health In Primary Care
Essentials of Preceptorship Porgramme
Fundamentals of Breastfeeding Counselling in Primary Care
Open Disclosure Training
Group Facilitation (Train the Trainer) Workshop
Risk Management and Patient Saftey (RMPS) Programme for NHGP Nurses
Managing Diabetic Foot Ulcer from Primary Healthcare Nursing Perspective
Surgical Diathermy Workshop
Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) Accredidted BCLS + AED Instructor Training Centre
BCLS + AED Instructor Course
Advanced Course on Wound Management for Registered Nurses
Developmental Assessment
Foundation Course in Women's Health
Diabetic Retinophotography (DRP) for new nurses
Mindfulness Basics for Primary Healthcare Professionals
Discovering Self & Engaging Others for Effective Facilitative Learning
Care Coordinators Training
Family Planning in Primary Care
Facilitation for Effective Clinic Communication
Service Communications Foundation Course for Frontline Clinic Staff
Service Ambassadors (SA) Training
Engaging patients for Evidence-Based Health Screening and Post-Screening Follow-up for Health Promoters
Caring of Older Adults in Primary Care
Early Childhood Nutrition Workshop
Team-Based Care Training
Nutritional Needs Workshop for Infants & Pre-schoolers
Practical Approach to Eczema Management Workshop
Health Literacy Workshop
Advanced Chronic Disease Management Workshop
Understanding Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders (DHL) Course
Know the Elderly Workshop
Fall Precatuion: Workshop for Community
Basic First Aid Workshop
Wound Care for Enrolled Nurses
Understanding Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders (DHL) Workshop for Front-liners
Developmental Assessment Workshop
Advanced Wound Management Workshop for Doctors and Registered Nurses
Host to NHG Inspiring SEAL Program (ISP)
Basic Health Parameters for Clinical Ancillary Staff (CAS)
Basic Clinical Measurement Course for Care Coordinators
Minor Surgical Procedure Accreditation Programs
Inaugural Singapore Primary Care Research Scientific Competition
Singapore Nursing Board Accreditation for Certificate in Wound Care for Enrolled Nurses
National Life Saving Day
Diabetic Foot Screening
Practical Skills Workshop on Diabetic Foot & Wound Care
WDA Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)
WSQ accredited course: Use of Medical Terminology in Work Activities for Non Medical Staff
National Resuscitation Council Singapore Accredidted AED Training Centre
1st Inter-Professional Collaborative Practice (IPC) Workshop
Conducted Chronic Disease Management Workshop in Malaysia at the National Primary Care Conference
General Practitioner Assistant Course
Minor Surgical Procedure Workshop
National Resuscitation Council Singapore Accredidted BCLS Training Centre
Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine Training curriculum
1st International conference on Health Transfromation: Primary Care Focus
Primary Care Innovation Forum Organiser (based in Hong Kong)
Inaugural launch of Plexus - a bi-monthly e-publication
Care of the Elderly Course
Establishment of PCA
Master of Medicine in Family Medicine Training Programs
Community Health Talks