Teleconsultation 2 

Harnessing technology has always been integral to the primary care transformation journey of the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP). With the onset of COVID-19, NHGP has leveraged technology to implement a new norm of care. 

In line with the Ministry of Health's recommendation for Tele-consultations to support safe distancing and to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, NHGP is now offering more tele-consultation options for our existing patients with well-controlled chronic conditions.  

Depending on the patient’s medical condition, consultations with an NHGP doctor can be conducted via a telephone or video call.


Tele-consultations are meant for patients with well-managed chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. If tests or screenings are needed as part of the care plan, such as diabetic foot and eye screening, or blood tests, patients will need to visit the polyclinics in person for these services.

The tele-consultation service is not suitable for all patients. For example, for patients with recent admission(s) to a hospital, have poorly controlled chronic conditions, or experienced any new acute symptoms, they will be advised to have face-to-face consultations by our care team at the polyclinic.  

Enrolment & Consultation

  • Suitable patients will be actively identified based on their medical conditions and ability or preference to use available modes of communication.   
  • Patients who have been identified will receive a call from our staff inviting you to opt in for this programme. 
  • A doctor will work with the patient to set a care plan, and guide patients towards appropriate self-monitoring.    





If you have an appointment at NHGP for telephone or video consultation, you may find these guides useful to you:

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  • Access to laboratory test results: Please visit HealthHub to check for your lab results.
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