For Attachment Opportunities

Through the Family Medicine Academy and the NHG Family Medicine Residency Programme, NHGP plays an integral role in the delivery of primary care training at medical undergraduate and post-graduate levels.  


NHGP welcomes applications for elective medical postings from local and overseas medical students who wish to have a chance to observe and gain insights into clinical practices at the primary care level. You will have a chance to experience the following:  

  • Observe the Family Medicine consultation process;  
  • Learn communication and clinical examination skills;  
  • Understand the role of family physicians in the entire healthcare continuum first hand;  
  • Appreciate the different roles of various members within the healthcare team in primary care.   

NUS Medicine Year 4 Electives 

We thank you for your interest in Family Medicine. Plans are in progress for Year 4 medical students from NUS who might be interested in joining us for their electives. Further details will be made available at a later date.  

Post-JC Students / Polytechnic Students / NS Men  

 The application period for Professional Attachments for post-JC students, polytechnic students and NS men will only be open during the 2 weeks listed in the table below. The attachment would be for a maximum of 3 days and will primarily be shadowing doctors.  

The application will be for attachments in the following quarter. Any application requests received out of the application period will not be considered. As there are limited spaces for the attachments, we will contact the applicant only if the application is successful.   

Please submit the completed application form and all necessary documents for the application to be complete.  


Posting Period by Quarter  

Application period (2 weeks)  


January – March 

1-14 October 


April – June 

1-14 January 


July – September 

1-14 April 


October – December 

1-14 July 

All interested applicants may download the application form here. For more information, please email us at