Podiatry Services

A podiatrist is a specialised healthcare professional who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot conditions.  Foot problems such as heel pain or arch pain can cause you to be unable to carry out your duties effectively and efficiently.  Foot conditions related to chronic medical conditions, such as diabetic foot ulcers and foot wounds, may also lead to serious complications. Our team of podiatrists, working together with doctors and nurses, can help you get back on your feet by assessing your foot condition and recommending an appropriate treatment for you.  We will also give foot care / footwear advice to help you manage your condition.  Insoles may be prescribed for your foot problem should you need them.

We aim to provide professional and exemplary foot care service to all our patients in a timely, accessible and affordable manner.

You may wish to see a podiatrist if you have the following foot conditions:

  •  Corns / calluses  
  •  In-growing toenails 
  •  Heel pain   
  •  Foot pain associated with high arched or flat feet
  •  Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds  

All new patients and patients who have not visited an NHGP podiatrist for more than a year will require a doctor’s referral. 

Patients are usually first examined by a doctor to ensure that there are no further medical conditions which are causing the problems that you are encountering. After the doctor’s examination and referral, the podiatrist will do an assessment and provide interventions and education on the problem that the patient is facing. 

All patients are seen strictly by appointment only. Please call 6355 3000 to make an appointment.   

Please be punctual so that you do not miss your appointment slot. We strongly encourage all patients to arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. 

You may be rescheduled for another appointment on another day if you are late for more than 15 minutes into your appointment time.  We seek your understanding as we need time to assess and treat your foot problems properly.        

 * Podiarty Services in Jurong Polyclinic (on Wednesday morning only) Jurong  and Toa Payoh Polyclinic (on  Wednesday only) are for patients with high risk foot conditions.

Polyclinics with this service:

Bukit Batok 
Toa Payoh