Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapy sessions incorporate both physical exercise and/or manual therapy to facilitate maximum recovery. Our aim is to resume functionality and movement. Our main treatment goals are to provide pain relief, restoration of normal function and strength, prevention of further injury and promotion of an active lifestyle. Our physiotherapists can help you cope with the difficulties you may face in your daily activities through education and/or activity modification.

You can see our physiotherapist* if you require: 

  • Management of musculoskeletal pain and injuries (arms, shoulders, neck, back or lower limb pain)
  • Ambulation training (such as gait training, walking aid training e.g. crutches, walking stick)
  • Falls prevention and mobility training
  • Weight Management
  • Osteoporosis Management Programme
  • Ergonomics advice

*You will need a referral from a polyclinic doctor and an appointment to see the physiotherapist.


Stay Active, Stay Strong and Stay Steady! 

Exercise is important for you to stay active, strong and steady as you grow older. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises, together with strength and balance exercises 2-3 times a week. Use the following exercise handouts and videos for tips on how to improve your physical activity. Start with Level 1 Foundation Exercises and work your way towards Level 3 Advanced Exercises. 

1)     Level 1 Foundation Exercise Handout (PDF)

2)     Level 2 Intermediate Exercise Handout (PDF) 

3)     Level 3 Advanced Exercise Handout (PDF) 

4)     Stay Active video

5)     Stay Strong video  

6)     Stay Steady video 

If you are having problems moving around or have been falling over, please seek help from our physiotherapists. Injuries due to falls is a common problem amongst older adults above age 65. Falls may be prevented with the right intervention. Our physiotherapists will assess your physical condition and identify the causes of these falls. Common causes are poor balance, weak muscles and a lack of regular exercises. The physiotherapist will then recommend appropriate strategies and exercises to reduce the risk of falling. 


Polyclinics with this service:

Ang Mo Kio 
Toa Payoh