1.Medical Claims Authorisation Form for Single Usage [MCAF (S)] (W.e.f. 30 June 2015)  

The MCAF Single form is essential for patients whom intend to use their Next of Kin (spouse, parents, children, grandchildren) as their Additional Medisave Payer or intend to be an Additional Medisave Payer for their own Next of Kin. 


2.Medical Claims Authorisation Form for Multiple Usage [MCAF (M)] (W.e.f. 30 June 2015)

The MCAF Multiple form is meant for patients' own direct account usage, intended for public healthcare authorisation throughout all Singapore's Public Health Institutions without having to  authorise again each time that a patient visits a different Medisave accredited public medical institution.  

3.Revocation Form for Medical Claims Authorisation (W.e.f. 30 June 2015)

Click here to download the form and instructions. 


Important notes for Medical Claims Authorisation Forms:

  • Please kindly ensure you provide substantial identification documents for all parties notarised on the form (Patient / Additional Medisave Payer / party signing on-behalf of) for our necessary verification before we can submit the MCAF (S) / MCAF (M) on your behalf. 
  • Minimum age for CPF account holder Medisave authorisation has been increased from 18 to 21 years old.