COVID-19 Updated Policy

As part of our heightened surveillance against COVID-19 and to reduce the risk of infection, please note the following changes to our policy:

Compulsory Screening

All patients and visitors must undergo compulsory screening before entering the clinic premises.

NoteFor the purpose of contact-tracing, we are required to collect personal details for ALL visitors to our clinics. 

Travel/Contact History & Symptoms

Please inform our staff if you:  

  • Have travelled to Mainland China or South Korea (Daegu / Cheongdo) within the last 14 days. 
  • Feel unwell with sore throat, fever, cough, breathlessness, runny nose. 
  • Had close contact with a case of COVID-19. 

NoteUnder the Infectious Disease Act, it is a chargeable offence to withhold or provide false information about your travel history and medical symptoms.  

Accompanying Caregiver

Only 1 accompanying caregiver per patient is allowed into the clinic at any time.

Latest Updates

For the latest updates, please visit the following websites: